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Sex hamster
for Kids?

Contrary to popular belief, hamsters might not be the best pets for kids, according to the.

American Animal Hospital Association (aaha).

Hamsters can bite if startled or handled roughly.

In addition, they are small and delicate so they need to be handled gently.

Even older kids should be supervised when holding a hamster.

Also, hamsters are nocturnal, which means they sleep during the day and have their fun at night.

Placing a hamster in a childs bedroom may interfere with the childs rest: The hamsters nightly activities might wake the child and make sleep difficult.

What Kind of Cage Does My Hamster Need?

Aaha recommends that hamsters be kept in an aquarium rather than a wire cage.

Aquariums are better than cages because cages might have bars that their feet can get caught in and break, according to the association.

A well-ventilated aquarium with a top that seals so your hamster cant push up on it and escape is best.

Line the aquarium/cage with shredded paper (newspaper or paper towels) or recycled paper bedding (no shavings of any kind with a mound in a corner hamsters love to burrow.

Keep your hamsters living quarters at room temperature.
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