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Lesbianic tube
to bombarding you with pop-up ads, they're also likely to feature content that wasn't ethically sourced or was even stolen from creators.

Think about it: If you're not paying for the porn you watch, how do the performers, producers, camera operators, and everyone else who contributed make money?

Short answer: They probably don't, but the site displaying their work and running ads alongside it might.

Porn consumption is a political issue, and going to the source to pay for it supports sex workers.

It's as simple as that.

Paying for porn benefits you, the consumer, as well.

When you pay for porn, you're more likely to get high-quality material focused specifically on what turns you on, whether that's queer lovemaking or straight sex in a dungeon.

So factor smut into your budget and read on to find the perfect paid porn platform for you.

Only Fans, only Fans is basically the Patreon of porn.

Most porn stars you know and love have an account, and when you subscribe to their page, you get access to photos and videos and can rest assured that they get paid, as opposed to viewing similar clips on tube sites.

For instance, to enjoy content from national hero Stormy Daniels, follow her for.99 per month.

Currently, that will give you access to 235 of her photos and 16 videos.

Lady Cheeky, lady Cheeky calls itself "smut for smarties" and brags that its the number one porn site for women.

That's obviously subjective, but we do adore this Tumblr-style page with extremely sexy photos and gifs.

There is group sex, oral sex, shower sex, and many of the images are beautiful beyond the naked bodies think of artsy black and white smut mixed with colorful close and personal images.

The New Smut Project, while many people love watching porn, others prefer to read erotica.

The New Smut Project calls itself "erotica for the discerning reader." Both editors are bisexual feminists, so the content is queer and inclusive.

According to them, The New Smut Project was created simply because they were having trouble finding erotic stories that reflected their own fantasies, experiences, and desires.
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