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Amputee sex
slim and clad in a red tartan shirt is, too.

He wiggles his fingers at me, I wiggle mine back as I approach.

I tug at my skirt, ruffle my hair.

I hope he likes what he sees.

I think of his five profile pictures, the small window into his world that Ive been granted.

Here, in real life, sitting on a high stool, a half-drunk pint in front of him, I see he matches all of them.

And then he grins.

There, where his two front teeth should be, is a pink gummy ridge.

A black void stretching right back into his mouth.

I think back to those pictures: in all of them his mouth was wedged shut.

I want to spin on my heel, leave right there and then.

But I sit down and accept the gin and tonic hes bought for.

Its not just manners that makes me stay.

Its the swirl of thoughts crowding my head, jostling for space.

Can I really judge him for his lack of teeth when Im sitting here without half of my right leg?

Three years ago I tripped and lost my leg.
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