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Beem tube

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Beem tube
staid world of LED bulbs.

By taking advantage of newly flexible filaments, their dimmable, low-energy tubes are able to take on playful shapes.

See the three-part Smile series, where a tube of sandblasted borosilicate glass is offered as a deep bend reminiscent of a big grin, a lightly curved smirk, or a solemn straight line.

Theres also Curli, its polycarbonate swirl inspired by calligraphic flourishes.

The four LED shapes pair effortlessly with the companys ecosystem of ceramic and powder-coated steel fixtures to become pendants, chandeliers, or table lamps.

Its an alternative to a market saturated in retro-industrial bulbs.

Classic and elegant, yet refreshingly contemporary, the Round Chandelier adds its own graceful spin to any sitting room or hallway.

This statement piece features.

Smile03 bulbs, vertically positioned around a 1m tube sphere to radiate trend-setting style.
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