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clearance service fees may be assessed on the contents of shipments destined for Canada.

These are payable by the importer of record (normally the consignee, unless otherwise indicated) in the first instance.

For FedEx International Ground brokerage-inclusive shipments, duties and taxes may be billed to the shipper, recipient or third party.

If a clearance entry fee applies, the payer of duties and taxes will be billed for the clearance entry fee.

Charges to the shipper's account in currencies other than.S.

Dollars will be converted.S.

Dollars, using a weekly Wall Street Journal conversion rate corresponding to the pickup date of the shipment or, for FedEx International Ground Distribution, the date FedEx Ground takes possession of the shipment.

A service fee may apply.

The clearance entry fee is subject to all applicable Canadian taxes.

Regardless of any payment instructions to the contrary, the shipper is ultimately liable for all charges and fees relating to a shipment, including, but not limited to, any duties or taxes that FedEx Ground has disbursed.

Shippers are responsible for accurately completing all sections of the required export documentation and for the entry of accurate shipment information (including, but not limited to, commodity descriptions and values for duty) on the Commercial Invoice and in any electronic device or software program.

The shipper is responsible for all charges, including transportation charges, duties and clearance entry (brokerage) fees, ancillary clearance service fees, governmental penalties and fines, taxes, FedEx Ground attorney fees and legal costs related to this shipment, and charges related.
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